0232 Label 32
03 Yield
ce33 If intro camera is static then goto 33
cf33 If intro camera is in swirl then goto 33
0034 Go to next 34
0233 Label 33
0132 Go to first 32
0234 Label 34
0204 Label 04
03 Yield
3c2a If we have a line of sight on Bond then goto 2a
322a If Bond is in sight then goto 2a
3e2a If actor has seen Bond or been shot in the last 10 seconds then goto 2a
3f2a If actor heard Bond in the last 10 seconds then goto 2a
462a If a bullet just missed us then goto 2a
3a2a If Bond shot another actor then goto 2a
3b2a If an actor is killed in sight of this actor then goto 2a
0104 Go to first 04
022a Label 2a
ae Reset and start cycle counter
96012f If $self->somevalue is 1 then goto 2f
292a Begin walking to Bond, then goto 2a
022a Label 2a
0208 Label 08
03 Yield
b40000782a If cycle counter > 120 (2.0 secs) then goto 2a
0108 Go to first 08
022a Label 2a
08 Briefly aim at Bond
c30818 Display text at top:
Soldier: New orders from General Ourumov. Kill the spy at once!
0210 Label 10
03 Yield
b40001682a If cycle counter > 360 (6.0 secs) then goto 2a
0110 Go to first 10
022a Label 2a
9a00000080 Set flag #8 (trigger guards to shoot Bond)
022f Label 2f
060002 Set return function to function 0002 - General guard
05fd0008 Assign function 0008 - Jog to Bond and attack if seen to $self and advance frame
04 End of function



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