CI Training

00950e Set actor ID to 0e
00070404 When shot/hit, assign function 0404
000204 Label 04
0003 Yield
0034fd2f If $self has finished death animation goto 2f
0033fd2f If $self is dying/dead goto 2f
017bfd2f If $self's body has disappeared goto 2f
000006 Go to next 06
00022f Label 2f
00a400000040 Set property for actor $self: 1:00000040 (unknown prop)
00c65eff027a0405000022100a Spawn actor at pad 027a with function 0405 then goto 0a
00020a Label 0a
01a402000002 Display text in top middle:
(unknown text)
01a401041c6d Display text in top middle:
And finally against a target that fights back.
00070000 When shot/hit, assign function 0000 - Idle
0005fd0000 Assign function 0000 - Idle to $self and advance frame
000206 Label 06
005200322f If actor is within 50 units of $player goto 2f
00180200000008 Actor faces something (entity type=0x0200, entity_id=0x0000), then goto 08
000208 Label 08
0003 Yield
005200322f If actor is within 50 units of $player goto 2f
000108 Go to first 08
00022f Label 2f
00b6 Reset and start cycle counter
01360201 Undocumented
000209 Label 09
0003 Yield
00bd00003c06 If cycle counter > 60 (1.0 secs) goto 06
000109 Go to first 09
000206 Label 06
000104 Go to first 04
0004 End of function


  • Can be invoked by function 0403


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