CI Training

00a400000010 Set property for actor $self: 1:00000010 (invincible)
00a400001000 Set property for actor $self: 1:00001000 (immune to explosives?)
0003 Yield
008400 Set action block variable to value 0
01933a06 If EEPROM value 58 is false goto 06
019024 Set EEPROM value 36
00b5454550524f4d2053455400 // EEPROM SET
000208 Label 08
0003 Yield
00e2fd00f6012f Attempt to move $self to pad 00f6 and goto 2f
000108 Go to first 08
00022f Label 2f
0005fd041e Assign function 041e to $self and advance frame
000206 Label 06
00b5454550524f4d204e4f5453455400 // EEPROM NOTSET
0193248f If EEPROM value 36 is false goto 8f
000108 Go to first 08
00028f Label 8f
0003 Yield
00e2fd0053012f Attempt to move $self to pad 0053 and goto 2f
00018f Go to first 8f
00022f Label 2f
0009 Actor stops travelling
0005fd042c Assign function 042c to $self and advance frame
0004 End of function



Check EEPROM value
Move Carrington somewhere (outside Jo's door?)
Assign function 041E

Can also be moved to a different pad based on EEPROM value and be assigned 042C instead