CI Training

000204 Label 04
0003 Yield
0063f3652f If object 65 (CI switch) activated by ? (0xf3) goto 2f
000104 Go to first 04
00022f Label 2f
017c043a07 Set sound 043a to channel 7 (does not play)
00cf07650001 Play sound in channel 7 from object 65 (CI switch)
00da650013 Change a screen on object 65 (CI switch) (image slot 0, image #19)
00ad6500000001 Set property for object 65 (CI switch): 2:00000001 (unknown prop)
0006fd0435 Set return function for $self to function 0435
0005fd041c Assign function 041c to $self and advance frame
0004 End of function

This function doesn't appear to be invoked anywhere.


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