CI Training

000204 Label 04
0003 Yield
0192392f If EEPROM value 57 is true goto 2f
000104 Go to first 04
00022f Label 2f
00713e40 Unlock door 3e (CI something) with value 64
000208 Label 08
0003 Yield
0192382f If EEPROM value 56 is true goto 2f
000108 Go to first 08
00022f Label 2f
00713d40 Unlock door 3d (red grate/panel) with value 64
00713f40 Unlock door 3f (red grate/panel) with value 64
00002f Go to next 2f
000209 Label 09
0003 Yield
0192372f If EEPROM value 55 is true goto 2f
000109 Go to first 09
00022f Label 2f
00ae3400080000 Unset property for object 34 (light switch): 2:00080000 (unknown prop)
00020a Label 0a
0003 Yield
0192362f If EEPROM value 54 is true goto 2f
00010a Go to first 0a
00022f Label 2f
0102003001ff0000000000 Turn on/off lights in room 30
0102002e01ff0000000000 Turn on/off lights in room 2e
0102002f01ff0000000000 Turn on/off lights in room 2f
0102002001ff0000000000 Turn on/off lights in room 20
0102002401ff0000000000 Turn on/off lights in room 24
0102002501ff0000000000 Turn on/off lights in room 25
0102002601ff0000000000 Turn on/off lights in room 26
0102002201ff0000000000 Turn on/off lights in room 22
00020b Label 0b
0003 Yield
0192352f If EEPROM value 53 is true goto 2f
00010b Go to first 0b
00022f Label 2f
00714140 Unlock door 41 (red grate/panel) with value 64
00020e Label 0e
0003 Yield
0192332f If EEPROM value 51 is true goto 2f
00010e Go to first 0e
00022f Label 2f
00713740 Unlock door 37 (CI secret something) with value 64
00020f Label 0f
0003 Yield
0192322f If EEPROM value 50 is true goto 2f
00010f Go to first 0f
00022f Label 2f
01173a Hide object 3a (laser beam)
01173b Hide object 3b (laser beam)
0005fd0000 Assign function 0000 - Idle to $self and advance frame
0004 End of function


  • Started automatically


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