CI Training

000204 Label 04
0003 Yield
0192392f If EEPROM value 57 is true goto 2f
000104 Go to first 04
00022f Label 2f
0054f80023018606 If Joanna is within 35 units of pad 0186 goto 06
006d3e Close door 3e (CI something)
000104 Go to first 04
000206 Label 06
006e3e0a2f If door 3e (CI something) is open or opening goto 2f
006c3e Open door 3e (CI something)
00aa3e40000000 Set property for object 3e (CI something): 1:40000000 (unknown prop)
00b6 Reset and start cycle counter
000208 Label 08
0003 Yield
00bd0000782f If cycle counter > 120 (2.0 secs) goto 2f
000108 Go to first 08
00022f Label 2f
000104 Go to first 04
0004 End of function


  • Started automatically


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