Pelagic II

00070416 When shot/hit, assign function 0416 - Elvis combat
000200 Label 00
0003 Yield
01b3fd Allow co-op player to be considered for P1/P2 actor
0106f20000 Set $player to P1 or P2
003f07 If $player is in line of sight goto 07
000100 Go to first 00
000207 Label 07
0033fd07 If $self is dying/dead goto 07
0034fd07 If $self has finished death animation goto 07
017bfd07 If $self's body has disappeared goto 07
01a3ff Character moves hands (gun jammed)
00a108000000 Set flag #28 (Elvis said let's exit tub)
00cdf2162281a40606 Display text and play a sound in channel 6 for P1 or P2:
Joanna... What took you so long? Follow me - let's get out of this old tub.
00020b Label 0b
0003 Yield
01380607 If sound in channel 6 is finished goto 07
00010b Go to first 0b
000207 Label 07
0005fd0417 Assign function 0417 - Set flag on many guards to $self and advance frame
0004 End of function



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