Surface 1

a60500080000 Set property 2:00080000 (hidden) for object 05 (grating)
d9fd002f07 Move $self to pad 002f then goto 07
0207 Label 07
9d00002000 Set actor property: 1:00002000 (unknown prop)
9d00800000 Set actor property: 1:00800000 (unknown prop)
db Fade in from black
f400ffff Play X music in channel 00 for 255 or 255 seconds
0a0063ffff00420610 Do animation 0063
03 Yield
9d00001000 Set actor property: 1:00001000 (unknown prop)
020c Label 0c
03 Yield
2f07 If actor has stopped moving then goto 07
010c Go to first 0c
0207 Label 07
0a00b20014ffff0618 Do animation 00b2
ae Reset and start cycle counter
020a Label 0a
03 Yield
b40000b407 If cycle counter > 180 (3.0 secs) then goto 07
010a Go to first 0a
0207 Label 07
da Fade out from cutscene
020b Label 0b
03 Yield
dc07 If fade complete then goto 07
010b Go to first 0b
0207 Label 07
d2 Exit level
05fd0001 Assign function 0001 - Idle to $self and advance frame
04 End of function



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